You can enjoy the traditional taste of Himeji at Kassui-ken restaurant while viewing Koko-en Garden.The prices include tax.
※The prices has changed on Oct. 1.

MENU (tax incl.)

There are more menu available.
Dishes and vessels will change with seasons.

Coffee(Hot or Cold),Tea(Hot or Cold),Milk(Hot or Cold), Cafe au lait(Hot or Cold),Oolog Tea,Cola,Orage juice 450 yen
Non-alchoholic beer 460 yen
Alcoholic beverage
Bottled beer 580 yen
Harima local brewed Sake(180cc)
Okuharima Junmaidaiginjo nama fukuro-shibori 1,320 yen
Blue Lavel “Mu” Junmaidaiginjo 1,320 yen
Komenosasayaki Daiginjo Tatsuriki 1,320 yen
Seppikosan Junmaiginjo Muroka-genshu 880 yen
Shirasagi-no-shiro Junmaiginjo 880 yen
Jyunsei kimoto special junmai 880 yen
Seiten special junmai nama-genshu 660yen
MISA Special Junmai 660yen
Local Brewed Sake tasting set menu
Sake Flights “crisp flavor”
MISA・Shirasagi-noshiro・Blue Lavel “Mu”
1,000 yen
Seiten・Seppikosan・Okuharima 1,000 yen
Banshu Ikkon・Jyunsei・Komenosasayaki 1,000 yen
Harima local brewed Sake image
Ice cream 450 yen
“Maccha” green tea set 450 yen
Japanese sweets set 600 yen
“Zenzai”, sweet red bean soup 600 yen
Pancake & set 820 yen
Japanese shaved ice (Summer only)
“Matcha” green tea, “Adzuki” beans and milk 720 yen
Strawberry milk 720 yen


  • On the specific occasions such as the busy season, under the event and so on, we may not accept reservations.
  • Reservation possible 3 days in advance. Make reservation from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you arrive late to your reservation time, you might have to wait.
  • To cancel your reservation, please call us the day before your reserved date during our business hours.
  • You will be charged a cancelation-fee if you do not contact us to cancel your reservation at least one day in advance.

Reservation and Contact

Restaurant Kassui-ken (in Koko-en Garden)

Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 4:00 (Last Orders 3:30)
Lunch time: 11:00 ~ 3:00

(No meals after 3:00/Drink & Sweets Only Until 3:00)
If you cannot make contact with us by phone please call us again later.