The Tea Ceremony House is called “Souju-an”, which is a “sukiya-zukuri” style structure. Please enjoy elegant moments in the tea ceremony house with green tea,seasonal changing sweets.

About Tea Ceremony House

Price ¥500 (for green tea and Japanese sweet)
Contact Tel +81-79-289-4121
Opening hour 12:00~16:00 (Enter limit time before 15:40)
Closed Dec. 21 ~ Jan. 5
  • Green tea with a sweet
  • In the Souju-an

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※No reservation in advance. Opening hours may change during events.

Introduction to Souju-an

The traditional Tea Ceremony House, called Souju-an”, is a “sukiya-zukuri” style structure with design and construction supervised by “Sen Genshitsu”, The former 15th Urasenke Grand Tea Master. It is in the tea room style of a samurai residence of the Edo Period (ca.1600-1860). It was designed as simple as possible, with the concept of architectural beauty in traditional Japanese culture,“Cha-no-yu” (tea ceremony). The authentic tea room was built with the spirit of traditional architectural artisans from Kyoto. Having the highest respect for the Keep of Himeji Castle, the whole building and all the tea rooms face the Main Keep of the castle.
You can see seasonal plants and roji, a dewy ground, in the tea garden. The exquisite balance between the artisan’s traditional craftsmanship and the appearance of the tea house in the garden, emphasizes not only the beauty of nature, but also the tasteful elegance the tea ceremony room.
While drinking a cup of green tea and viewing the tea garden, you may forget the flow of time and return to a more relaxing traditional time in Japan.

  • Souju-an
  • Small room in the Souju-an
  • Inner teahouse garden
  • Tsukubai

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